UST's surface engineering and manufacturing capabilities add value to every industry sector.

Our high performance coatings serve to refurbish components subjected to degradation by wear, corrosion, oxidation or cavitation. For OEMs and end-users alike, a suitably selected and correctly applied surface coating can be a powerful tool in improving the performance of parts and components, extending their service life and reducing life cycle cost.

We have extensive experience in a variety of Australian industries. Browse the industry sectors below or contact us to discuss your needs with one of our technical staff.

Power and Energy

  • Manufacture and refurbishment of control valve spindle
  • Erosion protection of fans and deflectors

Oil and Gas

  • Manufacture and refurbishment of petrochemical valve components
  • Refurbishment of centrifugal compressor seal and bearing journals
  • Refurbishment of reciprocating compressor piston rods

Mining and Minerals Processing

  • Manufacture and refurbishment of slurry valve components
  • Manufacture of hardfaced slurry pump components
  • Refurbishment of drill components (liner hanger tools)

Steel and Metals

  • Hardfacing of high-temperature process rolls (run-out table rolls)

Paper and Pulp

  • Refurbishment of roll journals and bearing housings
  • Traction and release coating on winder and other process rolls

Printing and Packaging

  • Refurbishment of glue roll seats (applicator and doctor roll)
  • Traction and release coating on labeller rollers

Plastic and Film

  • Corona treatment rolls

Food and Beverage

  • Manufacture of food processing and tools using food grade materials
  • FDA approved non-stick coatings on food processing equipment (dough rollers, pie moulds)
  • FDA approved ceramic coatings on food processing equipment (sausage casing machinery)


  • Refurbishment of rail axle bearing and wheel journals
  • Refurbishment of gearbox housing


  • Protective coatings for severe service hydraulic cylinder
  • Corrosion protection of steel structures